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Ban Appeal Format and Ban List

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Ban Appeal Format and Ban List

Post by Swift on Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:15 am

Please follow this format and the rules as it makes it a lot easier and faster for the staff to navigate the Ban Appeal's threads. Basically, following this format = better chance of you getting unbanned. ' Cause remember the staff isn't, technically, obligated to unban you.

Make sure to post the title exactly like this, "Your IGN's" Ban Appeal, and nothing else.

Thread Contents:
-Login ID/Account ID:
-Character Name/IGN:
-Reason/explanation/anything else:

Once you've made your Ban Appeal thread, just wait. Since only the GM who banned you can unban you, it sometimes can take a while for the staff to reply to your thread.

And if you actually hacked, don't even bother posting a Ban Appeal.Twisted Evil

You can find out why you were ban by searching for your name on the ban list >>


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