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Dispute Section Rules

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Dispute Section Rules

Post by Swift on Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:12 am

This section is for disputes based on decisions such as infractions or bans that staff members have given you. No discussion of gaming at all.

The Rules:

1. In this section, you may express your opinion on a ban and/or infraction that you have received by a staff member. You may not express it in a matter that involves flaming or drama in any sort. You will express it respectably and if you don't your dispute will be rejected and you will be punished with an infraction or ban.

2. The dispute must be held within 3 weeks of when it was received. After 3 weeks, it will not be reversed and the dispute will be denied immediately.

3. Every decision made by the staff members are final (unless changed by a higher rank) .

4. At least two staff members must agree, one must be either an Admin+ or Mod. The staff member that gave the infraction has no say.

5. If you post multiple threads you will be infracted. If your thread is locked then it means your request was rejected.

6. If you are banned, you may ask for a dispute over MSN. If you choose not to use MSN, ask for a friend to post a thread for you.

7. Your IP address is YOUR responsibility. If another account is created on it then you are responsible for it.

8. You must NOT create another account. If you do so, your dispute will be rejected and all your accounts will be banned.

9. You must clearly state who the dispute is regarding. State which staff member was involved and your user name. If it is unclear who is involved, the dispute will be rejected.


-All Disputes are final
-No Gaming Discussion here
-You may not flame
-All other rules apply
-Your account is your responsibility
-Only one dispute per infraction/ban

Original Credit's to Hardkore from GK


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Mike ~ Retired Supporter

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